Sweet Impressions

Sweet Impressions

Sweet Impressions

Sweet B’s Client Testimonials

I needed a gift basket for my friends     bridal shower, all I gave Tina to work with was a picture of the place setting for the shower. She came through with this gorgeous bouquet, filled with my girlfriend’s favorite chocolates! You can see from her smile that this was a gift to remember!

Thanks Tina!

We have used Sweet B’s quite a few times and have always had a wonderful experience. We like to give out these candy bouquets as thank you gifts to businesses or customers that we have worked with. It’s a great idea because they are so inexpensive but look great at the same time! Tina has been so helpful in coming up with new ideas. We have done the standard candy bouquet but we have also done some where we incorporate some of our promotional items or little gifts into the bouquet. She actually just made gift card baskets for us and they look fantastic! We just did a contest and the prize was a variety of gift cards. She put them into a bouquet with candy and with her creativity and artistic skills, she made it look wonderful. She also has very quick turn-around times. I gave her this project on Thursday and she brought them to me today. Thank you Tina!
Jessica Russell Two Men and a Truck, 817-281-6683



From a personal experience I would recommend Sweet B’s Treats and Tina Brown (proprietor) as the product is creative, original, fits the customer per their requests (custom designed), and differentiates one from all the “regular” gifting that is in the market.  I had a couple of special bouquets prepared for the home health company and the hospice company who cared for my parents.  They were perfectly arranged and set to the theme of home care, elderly care, nursing care, and compassion to others.  Just give your ideas to Tina and let her exceed your expectations!

Regards, Don Hults



I sent bouquets to all the people who take care of me… my accountant, lawyer, pastor, etc.  Sweet B’s bouquets are a great way to shower those who take care of you with appreciation and love. Everyone that sees them ooh’s and awh’s over them, and so they draw a lot of attention even on the way to the final recipient.  It’s just a great way to draw attention to the person you want to honor.  I love them because they are gender neutral. Who doesn’t love candy? I would feel awkward sending flowers to a man, but have no problem sending sweets to anyone. They even modified a candy bouquet to be gluten-free for my child who has Celiac’s disease.  Truly perfect for anyone you want to make smile.

Vicki Osier

What can I say…SweetB’s Baskets put a smile on everyone’s face at my workplace. I recently was in a crunch and needed something to give to my staff of 11, for Employee Appreciation Week. Tina at SweetB’s came out personally and showed me how she could personalize each sweet bouquet with my company logo and the use of each employees name with a specific appreciation note on the candies, which made it even more special and personalized.  I could have given candy, but with these bouquets I got more than my moneys worth! The employees loved them and so did the clients that saw them. They were in company colors, personalized, and carried her special blessing piece, you will have to ask about that.   I was absolutely thrilled with the order, and it fit right into my budget. I now know where to go in a crunch or no-crunch to make things a little sweeter in my office. Thanks SweetB’s!

Vickie St. Clair

Regions Bank Branch Manager, Ft. Worth Main


I am a numbers guy and do not have a creative bone in my body. That is what makes Sweet B’s the cat’s meow. Simply tell them what event or occasion is coming and be amazed at what is created. I am completely comfortable asking Sweet B’s to make Thank You gifts for my clients. I know my clients will love and remember the fun gift.

Scott  Losack

Financial Advisor Edward Jones


Thank you so much for making that delivery to my customer today!  They absolutely loved it.  You made it so easy for me to place the order and you knew exactly what I was looking to do, so thank you!  I will definitely use Sweet B’s again!   This is a great gift for family, friends, and customers!  YOU ROCK!

Beth Higgins

Clean Master Carpet Cleaning

Sweet Bs made and delivered a candy bouquet for my son’s 8th birthday, customized with his favorite candies and his name on the wrappers. He LOVED it! Thanks for making Chance’s 8th birthday extra special!

Kristen Ueckert

Having recently completed a large, complicated project for a client, we thought it would nice to send them something unique and fun to express our appreciation. I called Tina over at Sweet B’s to make something special that we would knew would be a hit. When our client received the bouquet, they called to thank us and also referred us on to another client.

Tina, you and your team rock!

Donnie Boivin
CEO/CMO JAKD In Services

After my parents passed away I felt it was necessary to send an unusual gift to the caregiving organizations that so wonderfully cared for my parents in their last years of life including home health caregivers and hospice caregivers.  Sweet B’s was just the right choice as they took the theme of home health and caregiving and sweet gifts and turned it into a fantastic presentation for these two organizations.  Each of the recipient companies was overwhelmed and surprised by the unique “Thank you” to the point that they gathered the staff and took group photos with the arrangements.  Then, out of great friendship, they sent me photos by email so I could share the joy that Sweet B’s brought to their offices.

May all the best things happen to this company and may their revenues grow beyond their wildest dreams!

Don Hults

Sweet B’s has something for every occasion. I ordered small chocolates wrapped with my business logo and kind words to bless my team members with a sweet treat. Each treat said, “I appreciate all you do!” What an affordable and easy way to thank others. I received my “treats” promptly and in a very professional manner. I will highly recommend Sweet B’s to all my friends and family.

Angie Lobue
SendOutCards Sr. Manager




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